We must continue the fight for a government and an economy that works for all, and not just the wealthy and powerful
This Labor Day the Struggle Continues
Bernie Sanders

I understand how busy your staff is, and certainly yourself…

..please though, spend a few moments considering a simple change to establish this

In order for the economy to work for each, each must be equally enfranchised in it

In order to elect a government that works for each, the people must control a sufficient amount of the money

The wealthy are powerful because of the monopoly/close control over the existing money, but more importantly the creation of money

To equally enfranchise each in the economy, each can be enfranchised in the creation of money…

..by simply requiring sovereign debt to be backed with Shares of standard global fiat credit, that may be claimed by each adult human on the planet, for deposit in trust with a local deposit bank, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries, exclusively for investment in secure sovereign debt.. maybe that doesn’t sound simple…

..but it is a valid and reasonable foundation for a stable and sustainable global economic system, without functionally effecting much of anything else.. except psychologically

Money is currently loaned into existence with the authority of central banks, because we need money to enable trade.. and there isn’t enough

For each to receive a sustainable income of $1,000/month, there will need to exist a corresponding $1,000,000 of capital returning a sustainable 1.25%.. and that is eight to thirty times estimates of existing global capital

The rule establishes each sovereign individual as the source of global fiat credit, that money is borrowed into existence by agreement, with the authority of each

The value then of global currencies will be provided by the agreement of each to cooperate, along with the interest paid to maintain the existence of money directly to each, as compensation for cooperation, and accepting currencies in exchange for goods and services

Global economic enfranchisement creates the potential for sufficient money to be created to finance all needed human activity, without need for existing money of the wealthy (loss of power)

Each will own a personal trust valued at $1,000,000 that returns an equal share of the interest paid on global sovereign debt (gain of power)

Each bank holding Shares in trust will have a surplus of 1.25% credit available for secure sovereign investment.. each level of each government will have access to this credit for any project supported by the people and accepted by local fiduciaries as sustainable…

..with ubiquitous access to sustainable credit, spending will only be limited by the availability of materials and willing labor (more labor power)

Please.. this small change doesn’t even cost much of anything, while providing sustainable abundance

The only cost to providing each with a trust account is a normal cost of banking, the cost of creating actual social contracts a normal cost of government

There is no future in hegemony, there is no valid reason to withhold this abundance from the world, to hear the voice of each, to accept each as the equals we say they are

Thanks for your kind indulgence

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