Theses for Disputation on Conservatism
Avi Woolf

I’ve tossed this to the club before without response…

..about global economic enfranchisement, as a “positive vision for the future”

If you will indulge, I’ll relate to your outline

Free will and moral agency

To establish such a sovereign individual state in a capitalist market, each must own a quantum of secure capital.. a vote in the global economic system, for what gets produced, built

The rule establishes the right of each to claim this quantum of secure capital as a Share of global fiat credit, deposited in trust with their local deposit bank, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries, exclusively for investment in secure sovereign debt at a sustainable fixed sovereign rate

Establishing each structurally as sovereign individuals is requisite to demanding each take responsibility for it…

..this is the source of victim blaming; unreasonable expectations

Observing that for each to sustainably receive an income of $1,000/month, there will need to exist a corresponding $1,000,000 of capital returning a sustainable 1.25%… we see that there isn’t enough money in existence for each to receive that minimal income, regardless how hard or smart each works.. (current estimate of global asset valuation is less than 1 quadrillion USD, by an investment house, where the WEF suggests about a quarter of that… so eight to thirty times not enough, making the simplified example valid)

Means, Not Ends

Simple enfranchisement is a direct means to fulfill free will and agency, by allowing each to claim the means


The rule requires creation and acceptance of local social contracts to claim one’s Share.. this agreement to cooperate, obey law, resrict freedom in favor of the rights of others, as opposed to simply being subjected to these things, prepares the ground for fertile cultivation of virtue…

..while providing each level of sovereign society ubiquitous access to sustainably priced credit for secure investment, to enable “the formation and development of societies and communities outside the scope of government coercion”

The Conservative Movement is Global

..and so is global economic enfranchisement

The only way to hear each voice is to enfranchise it

Conservatism Can and Will Be Understood Differently By Different People

I can’t say I know exactly what you refer to here.. which forgeries

The racist stuff though, is denied by including each

The Past Was not Perfect, The Future Not Necessarily Bleak

The future is so bright…

With each enfranchised, and receiving an equal share of the interest paid on global sovereign debt.. and each deposit bank holding more credit than they can loan for secure investment.. about two hundred trillion displaced by Shares needing to find commercial incvestments…

..the future looks good


I got nothing to add… is a point I try to make by pointing out the counterproductive nature of central control.. which it seems will be corrected by distributing control to each

Reconstruction, not Conservation

Again, well put, and it should be clear how global economic enfranchisement enables each community to address whatever problems they face, in what ever way they see fit

Thanks so much for displaying a conservative point of view…

..and for your kind indulgence