How would a regenerative economy enable empowered participation?
Towards a regenerative economy
Daniel Christian Wahl

Maybe, provide empowerment?

While many answers will have various positive effects, each of these questions can be answered with global economic enfranchisement

Economics need not be redesigned, though certainly it will evolve as it does with the input of each economic actor, significant change can be manifest with appropriate rule changes…

…like a rule to provide empowerment, by enfranchising each in the global economic system

The fiat backing our currencies is a faily new medium, that has evolved with tight control by forces you note as counterproductive, and has characteristics that may be used to provide simple enfranchisement to each

To standardize the fiat credit globally, and enfranchise each in the global economy, sovereign debt may be required to be backed with Shares of fiat credit, that may be claimed by each adult human on the planet, for deposit in trust with their local deposit bank, as part of an actual social contract

The social contract formally establishes a global cooperative relationship

Ubiquitous availability of sustainably priced credit for secure investment enables considered response to opportunities of need and competition

The current economy has no trouble sucking up all the money, assuring the steady flow of interest payments to each includes each in the circle

Since this is a relatively small change, the current balancing mechanisms will still be in place, and I believe it will find a functional balance…

…at saturated spending, where spending is limited only by the availability of material and willing labor.. (full employment)

More cooperative relations will be required as financing projects will require a commitment by labor

Local social contracts built on an international standard enables cultural diversity, supported financially with the deposits of sustainably priced fiat credit distributed globally proportional to population

I do hope you will consider the notion

Thanks for your kind indulgence

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