Money creation: why endow commercial banks with the right to create money as interest-based debt, and leave them to reap the rents that flow from it? Money could alternatively be created by the state, or indeed by communities as complementary currencies: it’s time to create a monetary ecosystem that can fulfill this distributive potential.
Meet the doughnut: the new economic model that could help end inequality
World Economic Forum

Money may be created by each adult human on the planet, borrowed into existence exclusively to finance sovereign debt, at a sustainable sovereign rate, by simply allowing each to claim a Share of a globally standardized fiat credit, for deposit in trust with their local bank, as part of an actual social contract

In this way the function of the existing system remains intact, but the interest paid on created money will then be equally distributed to each Share holder, as a return on personal property, and not as a government distribution, even as the interest is paid by those governments…

…commercial banks would then loan money that was created when borrowed by Central Banks, from Shares, through individual trust accounts administered by local banks

While the function will remain similar, the difference will be in the distribution of the fiat credit, as each deposit bank holding Shares will have the value of those Shares to loan into existence, at the sustainable sovereign rate, and in the increased availability worldwide, proportional to population

This is a structural recognition that the “full faith and credit” of any human is as valuable as any other, when we are joined as one society of humans

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