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No, not making excuses for anyone

But if there was credible evidence of such plans, why then did the authorities not prepare for such provocation from a few radicals, instead of treating the entire mass of peaceful protesters as the enemy?

You see, by establishing lines, they isolate areas from their direct control, which allow provocateurs room to operate

By treating the mass of people as enemy, in a military operation, they set the stage for incitement, where if they were circulating with the people, to protect them, they would have more ready access to those provocateurs

And you are saying that people have no reason to expect the authorities to protect them, even when the authorities are provided with an undercover expose of the operation, and this may well be true

Do you suspect that the authorities are incompetent, or overly fearful of working in large groups of people to protect them, or that they intentionally use those tactics to enable the provocateurs?

Bad people do some bad stuff, threaten our freedom, and you defame those who thumb their noses at this threat, to bravely demonstrate their feelings and demands for our government, y’know, like patriotic Americans

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