Because I was responding to an article about an illness of unknown origin (idiopathic) and the…

Oh yes, I understand that

It’s just that, from glancing at the feed,

It reads as though the cause of your aversion to the word idiopathic, is idiopathic .,. An amusing, yet deceptive, two lines (that still manages to convey the frustration et al that follows in the wake)

When, of course, that isn’t the case at all. That there are real experiences coloring the meaning of the word for you

So my reaction was; That’s kind of funny…

..and then, reading on; Oh, but that’s not funny

So I wondered, if that line was chosen because it tends to define a word in the title line? Or if an algorithm thought it would be funny?

I’m not fond of the word either; it’s pretty much defined me since I learned it