OOh, Look at the Shiny Isms

A tale of distraction

Jan 18 · 3 min read

I got this in my email

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We live in a wierd time, don’t we?

Whatever drives ideology seems to demand duality, at a minimum, to affect conflict

Since I’ve been looking into getting each of us paid, the mechanism appears more clearly. I’ll be watching a ‘debate’ here at LibertyCon between Dr. Yang & Dr. Miron, staged to be about UBI

The deception is in the framing. They will be debating the merits of a single state welfare distribution scheme in the United States, possibly any wealthy nation, not UBI

There’s a lecture Friday titled “Socialism is Evil” (I may see about a March nearby in that slot)… same deal, framing… guy will define socialism, as evil, and demonstrate how it’s evil, by definition

This way, anything that can be labeled socialism, becomes evil (shiny ism)

Dr. Miron’s ism will be provided arguments with Dr. Yang’s definition of UBI, which of course does not match the BIEN definition, or a reasonable application of the three words

Universal is grandiose, as it certainly won’t include extraterrestrials, and they will limit inclusion to a single State, where universal, particularly when arguments for the thing are global, must be global for a fair argument about UBI as a concept

Basic is sufficiently vague. But their definition will be subjective, distracting from the objective basic income we are owed for our participation in the monetary system (the global human labor futures market)

Income, just means getting paid, but any form of welfare distribution has a standard litany of arguments against, so both Isms will distract from rightful income. One with “Not with my money,” and the other with, … ? some strained argument about society and humanity first (but not the foreigners)?

They will almost certainly not discuss the ethical basis of money creation (I’ll try to ask)

That’s my expectation, it’s the thing they’ve established as left and right, shiny ism against shiny ism, distracting from the Global Basic Income no Ism has provided argument against. This cements blind approval for whatever welfare scheme is approved as UBI by Wealth, presented by yes Ism, and similar blind disapproval for anything called UBI by no Ism (also Wealth)

Seems assured to do nothing, or just enough to say they did, but not

Guess we’ll see

Thanks again for your kind indulgence

Little Bennet Sky