Hillary Clinton and Basic Income
Sara Bizarro

Perhaps you will address global economic enfranchisement?..

..or provide an explanation for why the rule is not considered?

I see your faithful conformity to the gatekeepers parameters

Perhaps you accept the discredited trickle down economic theory?..

..it won’t work globally any better than it has for any single state

There isn’t enough money, and the folks who currently control money creation will only create what they can reliably retain, or reclaim…

..and they are not distributing the option money owed to each for agreeing to accept created money in exchange for goods and services…

..they keep all the interest money for themselves, in spite of the fact that they have loaned the property of others

The simplicity, along with the moral and ethical imperative of global economic enfranchisement, makes ignoring the rule kind of suspicious…

..like y’all don’t really want people to have the things you claim they will receive from a single state welfare scheme basic income

Folks won’t be able to demand better employment when employers can still get cheap labor elsewhere.. and we know trickle down doesn’t work..

Claiming that countries unable to afford a basic income will be able to after rich countries do is disingenuous.. there simply isn’t enough money

The same money spent to provide a basic income to citizens of a country, can be used to borrow a vast amount of investment capital, at a sustainable rate, if the interest is simply paid to each, instead of to a bank

This can be true for each government, globally, and we may create sufficient money to adequately support a stable and sustainable global economic system

If you aren’t supporting the continued dominance of great wealth, and the supremacy of the state over the individual… give it a thought… SVP

Thanks so much for your kind indulgence

…have y’all come up with an answer to why you think the full faith and credit of white people is worth more than folks with more melanin?

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