Yogyata Somani

Please consider a different sort of basic income…

..the universal part is silly because they aren’t even considering a global system, and certainly aren’t going to include extraterrestrials

The global system, which is not being considered, also creates abundance, which is clearly required to establish a stable and sustainable global economic system

No amount of redistribution can yield such a system

Observe that for each to receive a sustainable income of $1,000/month, there will need to exist a corresponding $1,000,000 of capital returning a sustainable 1.25%, and seven or nine quadrillion is eight to thirty times more than currently estimated global wealth… no matter how hard or how smart each works, there will not be enough money

Clearly then more must exist, and in an inclusive global economic system, each will be included in the process of creating money

This simple structure allows each adult human on the planet to claim an equal Share of global fiat credit, as a limited right to loan money into existence exclusively for investment in secure sovereign debt, held in trust and invested by local deposit banks, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries

In this way, a basic income is paid to each, globally, by their bank, as income from owned property, and not a welfare distribution…

..while also creating a surplus of sustainably priced credit for secure sovereign investment, globally, proportional to population

Providing global economic enfranchisement creates the potential for sufficient money to be created on a per capita basis, and also limits the total amount of money that may be created to that same value

Please consider the notion, and if you will, advise me of loopholes and flaws in assumption and logic (the internet is supposed to be good at this, but I’ve been asking for years now, and discussions invariably only reveal other benefits)

Thanks for your kind indulgence