Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?
Kari Ann

Psychiatrists don’t diagnose

Psychologists do

And while psychologists have PhDs, and are thus doctors, they are not medical doctors, and any experience with the DSM should make the subjective nature of diagnosis fairly clear

Much of diagnosis, in my experience is based on a psychologists subjective opinion, reinforced with tests that they prescribe to support their opinion

That is why most psychiatrists don’t place much value on diagnoses

The criteria provided by the DSM is based on observation of behavior, and the subjective assessment of motivation

The amount of behavior available for observation on this subject is far greater than typically observed for a diagnosis, so there is little reason to suspect these assessments any more than those made in offices during twelve to twenty minute visits

If there is a psychiatrist offering such observations you might note their identity, I haven’t noted any

But since diagnosis and the interpretation of the DSM is a task relegated to psychologists, it is in their realm of activity to determine what information they require to arrive at such, so we may certainly disagree with their opinions (I wrote a six page rebuttal to my first diagnosis) but since they have the degree, it is their prerogative to apply their educations as they see fit

…meanness is not normal… disregard for the feelings of others is observable outside a clinical environment, as with a broad range of behaviors

If you wish to rebut these observations, specific conclusions need to be addressed, with opposing evidence