There is no debt. Debt, is a construct created to convince you you owe something to another so you feel a sense of obligation, filial peity (obedience). You don’t owe.
I’m sorry people are not responding positively to your proposal. Don’t lose hope.
Perry Gruber

See here, and in interview, where you relate of the traveler who, as part of a demonstration group, was able to acquire lodging and meals without cost… you note that as a mindset change, she in this circumstance and people in general should not feel any obligation to those who provide these things to them, because those are being compensated for their efforts by a central authority that determines the value of those efforts…

This obligation, this compulsion to reciprocate, is not as you say, it is a core component to compassion, it is the same motivation that brings crows to carry trinkets to people who feed them, for cats to bring presents of food, for that sea lion to try to teach the diver how to catch and eat penguins

Why should we not care deeply for those who provide goods and services for us?

Why should you want to inhibit such caring, and claim it is in favor of love… would love not include a desire to reciprocate, and the joy of doing?

Your only valid complaint about money is how people without it may not access necessities… so if you pay for all the necessities, there is no longer a problem

There is no need to pay for the necessities with another form of currency you claim is not money, when the only functional difference is that you don’t allow this currency to be exchanged between people, which is a restriction of freedom, and a significant one

And trying to transition to a mindset where people don’t feel an obligation to others is antithetical to your general claims, but fits with your allowing greater freedom in deciding who one need deal with

Your example of the apple seller who would demand to know the ultimate use of her apples, in order to maximize her benefit…

If the answer is to feed people in The Gambia, and the algorithm concludes that the apples provide a greater benefit as compost, or if the benefit of compost is enough that the apple seller can still receive plenty, she may decline to give her apples for export, just because she doesn’t like them, or for any reason whatever… freedom

So not money could also be used to restrict access to food

This is particularly important when you start small demonstration projects, because they can show wonderful promise as they are subsidized by real money donations, and the effect of alternate currencies to create more money, and it provides argument for creating single state systems, where the illusion of abundance may be created, that exclude poor countries, like the Basic Income debate

Convincing people that they don’t owe anyone anything supports othering, and alienation, retaliation

The current economic system is complex, and has evolved, to be ever more free…

To transition to a computer controlled system without money… you make enough money that it is ubiquitous, and include each in the making… and only then, when the people are ready

(which could be before you actually have the thing ready, since it isn’t, but you make claims about it as though it was… I mean, are there forms, or is every action and movement monitored… to what level)

When spending money is restricted only by the availability of material and willing labor, it is only the willingness that will have value, and where freedom shall lie, when willingness must be enticed

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