No, the disparity is caused by the fact that the Oligarchs control the natural resources, the land…
Clifton Middleton

So what happens when each level of each government has ubiquitous access to sustainably priced credit, and is no longer beholding to existing wealth?

When oligarchs lose control of government, (because goivernment doesn’t like sucking up to oligarchs either, so provided an alternative, they mostly won’t) taxes on hoarded wealth, land… will go up…

..they will still have more money than sense, more than can be spent, but when the global money supply is increased eight or thirty times, they will only end up owning a much smaller part of the planet, with the majority control in the hands of each

…they only have control of the natural resources, the land, because they have had control over the money, since money

..come on Clifton, do I have to read that thing to point out how it doesn’t take global economic enfranchisement into account?.. No, because almost no one has, so, any observations of the existing system, or projections based on the function of the current system, require rethinking to view the effects of global enfranchisement

Significant physical and psychological effect at each level of society results from global enfranchisement, while changing only access to fiat credit, establishing a global per capita limit, and sustainable rate…

…all other aspects of society remain the same, but are then subject to the increased power of each

When each may access sustainably priced credit, offers will be made for land, and when refused, the valuation and taxation of the land increases to exceed the tendered offer, so the oligarch must spend their inheritance to retain the land, or sell… particularly undervalued land

When each may be granted sustainably priced credit for a secure interest in their place of employment, employees may similarly acquire ownership of the means of production

Money is how they maintain control of natural resources, so.. the source

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