It’s an expectation because there was well publicized threats of violence and the left has been…
Kyle Plate

So, you can’t exactly prove the actual intent of those plotting violence

And it is certain that they were not the organizers of the events, or the mass of people who showed up to peacefully protest, as was the public invitation

“The left” you refer to in this context, those who resort to, incite, or provoke violence, are in fact not a part of or affiliated with the people who demonstrate to have their voices heard, by definition

So just as many on “the right” condemn entire races, and religions, or perceived enemy groups because of the actions of a few, you seek to blame the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters for the acts of provocateurs whose motivations and allegiances are unknown to you

Perhaps the “well publicized” threats of violence were intended to dissuade people from their constitutional rights, and the provocateurs were there to make good on their threat, and here you are blaming those who were simply voicing their concern about what they perceive as a threat to their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

I didn’t hear anything about planned violence, but I don’t listen to news 24/7, so perhaps these threats were only made on media outlets you monitor, to provide you with this perspective

What possible motivation exists for “the left” to disrupt their own peaceful demonstration?

It is not the left, and the greatest likelihood is that it is people with no allegiance beyond money, directed by those who remain hidden, telling you what to believe

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