And yet, the “curve” of capitalist history is toward ever better economic well-being, lower prices…
Henry Jekyll

That’s true, about the progress… (mostly in rich countries, I’m not too impressed with poor folks going from $1.00/day to $1.50/day)

…and the progress is largely the result of the switch to fiat backed currency, that allows money to be created by loaning it into existence (only in rich countries)

So I’m looking at extending this magical power to each person, in order to create the potential for sufficient money to exist everywhere people are…

…without the taking of anything from anyone

The big impediment I face is also talking points from gatekeepers/political elite, who insist on single state welfare distribution schemes to fund a Basic Income as the only possible path, and that the poor countries can pretty much go fuck themselves, so it’s been impossible to get even a fair hearing, much less a rational critique of the actual function of providing economic enfranchisement to each

(mostly I think they they are probably just doing their best to think of ways to make things better, within the structures they understand, and they just can’t envision an economy of plenty, even though the pieces are all here)

Thanks again for your kind indulgence

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