The people of the world, especially the poor, need them effectively using this potential
Please read this part of your article again. What is it really saying?
Scott Vonasek

The potential underutilized is in money creation…

..also the core inequity driving inequality.. the reason why poor are owed equal compensation

A moral, ethical, functional change to the process of money creation corrects the inequity, while providing a minimal equal basic income to each adult human on the planet

The inequity is that each does not receive an equal share of the interest paid to create money, when each supplies the full faith and credit borrowed into existence as money

When the use of gold was borrowed to create money, the one’s who owned the gold received the interest… that the full faith and credit of each is borrowed to create money.. the same people collect the interest, instead of distributing it rightfully to each

The potential of the rule is the creation of sufficient money at a sustainable rate to finance any project humans will support with their labor and taxes, and found sustainable by local fiduciaries and actuaries

Consider that it is the lack of ubiquitous access to sustainably priced credit interfering with peaceful advancement of a diverse and prosperous human society…

..the subjective judgement of some as not credit worthy, even when investments are objectively secure

Since our fiat backed money is borrowed into existence, from nothing, there is no valid obstruction to each level of each government borrowing what they need to finance any project determined sustainable by local fiduciaries and actuaries at a sustainable rate, below that of sustainable growth…

..there is no reason to arbitrarily judge the ‘full faith and credit’ of one as being more valuable than another

Please do consider the simple rule of inclusion..?

..and thanks for your kind indulgence

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