the most that can be said is it certainly seems to be an important associated factor in some people
It’s not but there’s some association with psychosis, in which it appears that cannabis may trigger…
Doc Ayomide

There’s more though… Contrasting models of genetic co-morbidity for cannabis and other illicit drugs in adult Australian twins… demonstrates genetic predisposition to cannabis, and other illicit drugs

Genetic predisposition to schizophrenia associated with increased use of cannabis…… demonstrates more specific genetic predisposition

Neuroinformatic analyses of common and distinct genetic components associated with major neuropsychiatric disorders…… demonstrates the genetic link between the various divergent thought conditions, including schizophrenia, ADD/ADHD, major and bipolar depression, and the rest of the autistic spectrum people who have specific genetic variants have both a predisposition to divergent thought conditions, and a natural affinity for a medicinal herb that enables divergent thought, thus assuring the association

Another important point is that THC was proclaimed the active ingredient, so much effort has been directed toward increasing the THC content; THC is also the only component that has demonstrated this potential; much of the experimental study used synthetic THC, or a more powerful analog, instead of plant material

This also presents validation for the use of cannabis in treatment, as it is helpful to address coping skills, and core function, in a sympathetic state… more informed opinion available from the late Dr. Tod Mikuriya

The Dunedin cohort provides a wealth of information, that has been distorted for prohibitionist ends, by claiming an eight point loss in IQ over a twenty year study period, for the three percent or so heavy, problematic users…. favorite part of the data though is that these few who demonstrated this loss in overall IQ scores, scored higher in the Arithmetic, block diagram, and picture completion sub tests, while the non-users scored lower in these three of seven subtests, increasing their scores in more social, manipulative skills, to compensate, maintaining their original overall scores… other observers noted a thirteen point IQ loss from experiencing unemployment, so an eight point loss resulting from the irrational persecution by criminalizing a medicinal herb that one is naturally/ spiritually drawn to is less than I would expect…

..the lead scientist on the Dunedin cohort distortion, at a conference, cheerfully acknowledged that the subjects of that study had to procure their cannabis through illegal means, but has not acknowledged the clear stress this must cause…

..and, three percent is an somewhat expected number for undiagnosed/non pathological divergent thought conditions, so a reduction in social skills accompanying an increase in analytic skills is also a reasonable expectation, and lacking that baseless persecution/isolation from society, we will likely achieve better social outcomes

Thanks again so much for your contribution, and kind indulgence

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