At the same time, having my fair share of opportunities to be and do what I aspire to does not prevent you from having yours
The future is becoming a burden on the young.
World Economic Forum

This is actually not true

There does not exist in the world enough money to provide a fair share of opportunities to each, so having yours in a wealthy country that has benefitted from inequities in banking practices, has actually prevented others from having theirs

In wealthy countries, money has been created for years by loaning it into existence, where this power is not readily available in poor countries

The note that people feel that freedom from debt is a mark of success is belied by the level of debt that wealthy people, and wealthy countries sustain, so while this may be the perception of those oppressed by debt, it is not a valid notion

That power to create money is why those wealthy countries have so much more debt than poor countries, because poor countries seem to be considered at greater risk of default, even though threats of default have been made by the greatest debtor nation, without effect for them

Seems like everything you publish is written in support of providing global economic enfranchisement, but you won’t address it

Allowing each to claim a Share in the global economy, restricting and distributing the power to create money, and providing actual social contracts, will provide a stable base for the world economy and enable each to affect the future

Even those who lack resilience

Thanks so much for your kind indulgence