H. Nemesis Nyx

This is an old one, might find amusing appology for writing that a guy should go fuck himself… over reaction to some stupid shit said…

I would like to apologize for the seemingly vulgar recommendation I made concerning yourself and an autoerotic act. The meaning and spirit of the remark may have been somewhat ambiguous as my aim was for brevity. Pursuant to the aim of clarity, I will elaborate.

Your penchant for the mean, thoughtless, reactionary, Republican “no” suggests a certain anal quality that might benefit from a playful, challenging, and possibly satisfying act.

Beyond the suggested act is a possible side effect that may be significantly more beneficial to you and all those you come in contact with. You see, to attempt the aforementioned act, it will be necessary, at least for a moment, to remove your head from your ass.

This posture that you have assumed, and which has become your default pose, requires that you only experience the sweet, sweet rotten recycled ruminations that you have fed yourself, and on which you continue to feed.

For the time that you breathe the sharp bitter air, that we who do not have access to your ass must breathe, you may, by chance, experience an incongruity that challenges the bile-affected truthiness that shapes your existence.

My sincere desire that you develop a positive and productive vision of the universe is the motivation for my urging.

The nearer I approach the end of life, the more saddened I am at rejoicing over the passing of a scrooge-like person. True happiness, and the possibility of improving human existence, lie outside of your ass.

Please try to find the difference between constructive criticism and meanness. This pursuit will allow those forced to suffer your existence to grow to hate you less and less.

With love,


…I’ve mellowed significantly

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