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This is the outline I sketched for minimum requirements:

Social Contract between and among People and Governments


People: Adult human beings.

Government: Social structure holding assumed right to control social order.

Common Resources: Those resources accepted as International, earth, air, fire, water, wood, those resources claimed by governments for its people, along with the right to loan money into existence, claimed as Shares by each adult human, for deposit in trust with, and investment by local banks.

Rights and Responsibilities:

Peoples Rights:

  • As described by Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • An equal Share of the Common Resources
  • As provided for by local government

Peoples Responsibilities:

  • Deposit Common Resources Share in local bank
  • Comply with law

Government Rights:

  • To govern as directed or suffered by its citizens

Government Responsibilities:

  • To act based on objective reality in the public interest
  • To safeguard and secure the people, their property, and the Common Resources
  • As required and/or demanded by its citizens

The recognition and protection of individual sovereign capital in this manner would provide a line of credit, for investment in sovereign debt for the finance of infrastructure and other secure property, including individual sovereign debt, for home/farm purchase or secured interest in place of employment, capped at a level that allows repayment from dividends.

I believe such a structure is valid, if we believe that each of us has an equal right to the plenty produced by our planet, and/or that the interest charged for the full faith and credit of a nation is reasonably paid directly to each.

Such a structure would allow humans to act in a more rational manor, in a system that recognizes our individual sovereignty, the plenty that this world produces, and the need for an income producing capital Share of the planet to provide those recognized rights, and to resist the coercion visited on the disenfranchised.