This is a fabulous, on point, organized response to what is largely a rant.
Henry Jekyll

Where does the money come from to buy things in the open market?

Consider that for each person to have a sustainable income of $1,000/month, there would need to exist $1,000,000 of capital returning a sustainable 1.25%… and seven quadrillion dollars of capital doesn’t exist

The highest estimate I’ve seen is almost one quadrillion… so no matter how hard or diligently each works, or how open markets are, there simply isn’t enough money

I won’t be defending Mike’s position, though I am more sympathetic to it, because I am an economic conservative and social progressive

Global economic enfranchisement, though non-existent, is a financially conservative construct that enfranchises each in the global economic system, by allowing each adult human on the planet to claim a Share of the fiat that backs our currencies…

…with a rule that is financially conservative, and socially progressive

and thanks for your kind indulgence

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