At the moment though, accurately measuring this equation of state for levity is one of the biggest and most complex challenges in modern day cosmology.
Pushing Everything Away
Joshua Hehe

Would it be easier to calculate the mass and location of an object large enough to affect the expansion with its gravity?.. calculating the mass/location of the Earth from the acceleration of a falling body

Still seems like the complications caused by accounting for the motions of objects in space from an Earth centric perspective

We observe a natural force that affects acceleration, so why should that be dismissed as possible cause?

The universe centric notion that nothing exists beyond our perception seems unlikely, relative to our understanding of things in general

If the greater universe consists of repetitions of our observed universe, then this dark force would also need to account for the displacement of the rest of the universe, to allow for this expansion…

…whereas a super massive object that is large enough to pull matter from a super void created at the confluence of gravitational and repulsive forces would explain the motion…

…and the shape they show, of our universe expanding, is similar to the shape they use to show electron orbitals in chemistry

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