Medium is very… White.

Would you consider how a simple change to the world economic system could improve everyone’s outlook?

I’d be interested in your thoughts.

I grew up in white DC suburbia, mostly Jewish white. I think I regarded bigoted or anti-whatever comments as satire, as after all, they are absurd.

In time, of course I found that many were in earnest with their superiority, and that as an odd person (autism) I was also regarded as inferior.

Now I live in a middle class, and very nice new mostly black southern suburb, where the neighbors call me suh, and that makes me sad.

I’m accustomed to folks not wanting anything to do with me, it just seems a little mean to look up and tell me that I am regarded as other, it is so much more pleasant to just be ignored.

Perhaps if all are enfranchised in the world economic system, and it is accepted that society owes a debt to each human, for their cooperation, then we can begin to feel our own value, and that of all others.

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