You want what in the future?

I’ve seen a number of variations on the future that include an algorithm making all the economic and maintenance decisions, pretty much all decisions… people can do whatever they want?

I think people want to do that stuff….

..and they would be really good at it if completely informed of the reality, and provided with valid analysis, like from data sensors, and computers, and such

..and people like a money system

We developed money systems for the accounting… without money we lose accounting, and with it, valid useful data

I doubt that a computer will be able to inform us how a given stimulus will effect each individual, or reflect any individual or aggregate human perception of an event, need, or desire…

..even as the observer will have the most accurate physical data, relative to human existence, and decisions about it, the data is incomplete when the humans are removed

Please empower humans, demand global economic enfranchisement

Thanks for your kind indulgence