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You wouldn’t have noticed that the only “News reports” were the ones you saw on “the right” media, because I didn’t see any, and if protesters are helpful enough to wear masks they should be easy to round up

You see, there is simply not evidence to support your assertion that any violence planned or perpetrated, was by people with left of center ideology, or any ideology at all, that is simply what was presented to you

And again, if your evidence was valid, why didn’t these conspirators from “the left” get arrested?

There are certainly groups who oppose the presidency that are not leftist, and the groups with the most to gain from violence attributed to “the left” are those on “the right,” and the Russians

Of course you may see that simply as alternative facts

But as to my original exception to your defaming about half of the nation as having a propensity for violence, if that were true, then there would have been far more effective violence

Of course the most relevant fact is that provocateurs are virtually never associated with the group getting the blame, as false flag operations are a trusted old standby in the propaganda game

And in disputing that, explain why Native Americans initiated the American Revolution

With so many standing to benefit from violence attributed to “the left,” and “the left” the only group likely to be harmed by violence, how do you rationally assume that the violence was caused by the group least likely to benefit from it?

Until you can question everything, and not just those things you disagree with, you will be a potential pawn for whatever despot controls your news feed

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