Some Ai approaches to self improvement

Ai tries too hard at solving everyone’s problem at once. Ai has a mentality to capture ungodly amounts of data, compile it and reassemble it into meaningful output to make us better. The problem is you are slightly different then me and I am slightly different from them, so how does mixing data make individuals better at themselves?

The answer relies in a Ai behaving a lot more like a door to door therapist, one that goes from person to person and tries to find solutions from daily life habits, that in turn, improves daily life struggles or activities to make them happier and healthier.

Apps can be a challenge because it relies on the person to sit down and think to input values to make the app work, (unless inputs are minimal). However, interaction by way of a talking smart home, or health kit apps that rely on exercise data, might be better fitted. Say for example it, (Ai), wakes you up at 6:30am and says “try tea today, the coffee you had yesterday, increased your blood pressure at 4am this morning.” Then at 7am it says, “use the bike for 30mins to sweat out yesterday’s coffee.”

I can’t believe Alexa or Echo didn’t come with a few satellite speakers to place in parts of the home, or the option to connect to sonos and use as an Ai instructor for a daily Ai trainer or guide!

I think when we learn to control our home networks instead of relaying data outside our home networks, our personal data will become more reliable, precise, accurate, and self motivating to each of us.