Building the Perfect Social Message

Social media has the distinguishing characteristic of being, for the most part, intensely granular. A picture. A pin. A sentence. A vine.

Deliver the message. Scan the message. Move on. Deliver the next. Scan. Scroll. Move on. It’s a treadmill for users & brands both.

When a user moves on from your message, where do they move TO? To the next message… but WHO’S message? Doubtfully it’s yours.

Social media is a journey, but a journey with no beginning, no end, no continuity and no tour guide.

Timelines make miserable tour guides.

What if you could DIRECT your social traffic? What if you could lead users from post to post, taking them on a journey?

What if you could BUILD on your social messaging, knowing your audience had the proper context for each subsequent post?

What if you could create episodic social content, capturing the imaginations of your audience much like #Serial did last year?

What if you could capture users’ engagement as an integral part of the social journey?

Brands have the opportunity to become value-add tour guides, leading their audiences thru more engaging journeys of social content.

By doing so, brands can lead a path thru messaging so native it becomes truly value-add — right audience, right time, right place.

The brands that learn how to do this will quickly take their social efforts to completely new levels of effectiveness.

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