Don’t just blog, be a #Slogger!

Increasingly, content is moving off the web and directly into our social feeds. Users know this better than anyone.

The most interesting posts get viewed, engaged and shared immediately. A post that has a teaser and a link? Less and less.

If you have a web blog, it’s no longer enough to socialize your blog posts by Tweeting links. You need to #Slog.

With intense competition for scroll-share, users are getting more and more stingy with their click-throughs.

Unless you’re @FredWilson with a world-class email list, odds are you’re relying on social media to build exposure.

So you create a blog and start pushing out links like crazy through social, praying like mad that someone important will RT it.

Even if you DO get an RT, what are the odds you’re getting your message across? What % will actually click your link?

You’d better be delivering a clear and powerful message in the stream if you want passersby to stop and consider.

You can’t afford to be handing out fliers for the Tuesday night meeting at the community center in hopes people will show.

You have to bring your message into the trenches, into the stream, right to where the people are. And it had better be compelling.

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