Get your message into the stream

With each new medium, the learning of it is painful. Inevitably it is the audience — the people we need to impress — that suffers.

Social media is social, yes, but it is still media in itself. It’s more than just distribution; it needs to carry a real message.

Many brands are still using social posts to lead their audience to the “real” content, where they hope the magic will happen.

Some brands are learning that Twitter is no longer just a soap box. Shouting loudly and often won’t find you an audience.

Brands need to put their messages directly INTO their users’ streams, creating more dialog/engagement in the stream.

Engagement can’t be captured or promoted effectively when the source content lives off-stream.

Content and engagement need to cohabitate. The messaging and the dialog around the messaging need to share the same space.

Brands need to think like #Sloggers, building “social blogs” where messaging and interaction all happens in the social stream.

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