Rusty (middle row) and her sisters, Celia (top) and Agnes (bottom) following the ball at the 1979 US Open

Rustica Aguilar (1940–2020)

She had a beautiful name, and an unusual one: Rustica. The pronunciation, when her Filipino relatives said it, was closer to “roost” than “rust.” Everyone called her Rusty for short, and she called me, her de facto son-in-law, “Mr. Steve.” When she came to the end of a phone conversation with her daughter Anita, she would ask, “And how’s Mr. Steve?” in her low, crackly voice, which I could hear from the other side of the room. …

“Apollo’s Muse,” an exhibition that ran through the summer at The Met, showed how, over the course of three centuries, astronomers and astronauts slowly revealed the moon to us in all its craggy glory.

Stephen Tignor

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