Happiness: A Conscious Decision

Hi fella,

I want to officially welcome you to 2020, glad you made it.

You should be reminded that this year just as many other years, will be filled with ups and downs which could have significant impact on your mental health.


When not-so-good time comes around, I will you to know that your response to times like is an important determinant of it effect on your life goals. How you choose to respond when you’re in your low moment will determine your productivity too.

Maintaining a positive spirit and an intentional happiness will be the best response you can put up when things aren’t going quite good. You should know that happiness is a choice and it doesn’t have to be tied to an happening, you make a conscious and deliberate decision to be happy.


The beauty of Happiness being a Choice

The moment you realize that your happiness is a conscious choice, you become truly free from bitterness and resentment

The day we discover no one or nothing should be tied to our happiness is the day we stopped being concerned about how people treat us but how we relate with others. We should realize we shouldn’t expect much from people because we’re all imperfect and our backgrounds differs.

The truth remains that no one owes you a thing, so when they offend you, shake it off and move on. Each time you allow their actions or words get at you, you’re giving them control over your life and they’ll begin to dictate your emotions.

You are the controller of your joy and happiness, you’re solely responsible.

Refuse to embrace negative vibes, stay happy always and keep soaring.

Poet, writer, 3D animator, Believer and founder at Aristokratos you can reach me on stefaneey@gmail.com

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