Driver Remanded For Motor Manslaughter

By Stephen V. Lansana

A Lorry Driver Ibrahim Kamara was on Monday August 15, 2016 remanded for motor manslaughter by the presiding Magistrate at Pademba Road Magistrate Court No 5 in Freetown.

Police witness Sergeant Victor A.L. Bangura 7082 of Rose Road Police Station Traffic Division explained that he received a report of road accident along Rose Road on the 6th July 2016 and he visited the scene of the accident and took the particulars of the vehicle. He told the court that he took the names and addresses of Abu Bakarr Bah and Joseph Kamara who were seriously injured in the accident, adding that they later died. He said that the accused person was also admitted at the Connaught hospital. He furthered that he went to the hospital were the accused person was taken to; and he said that the accused was under treatment.

Police witness explained that he obtained voluntary and caution statement from the accused on July 8th 2016, which he made in Krio and recorded in English. He said that he read and explained the statement to the accused and Sergeant 5962 Lawrence Kamara was the witnessed while he served as a recorder.

Police witness tendered the voluntary and caution statement to the court and it was exhibits A 1 & 2. He explained that on July 6th 2016, he visited the Connaught Hospital Mortuary together with Abdulai B. Bah a relative of Abu Bakarr Bah. He explained that the government consultant pathalogist Owiz Koroma did a postmortem examination on Abu Bakarr Bah and he issued a death certificate to them. Police witness recognized the death certificate and tendered it to the court as exhibit B.

He added that on July 8, he also went to Connaught Hospital Mortuary together with Aruna Kamara when Owiz Koroma conducted a postmortem examination on Joseph Kamara and issued a death certificate to them. PW 2 produced and tendered the certificate to the court, and it was exhibit C. He also tendered Vehicle examiner form as Exhibit D.

He told the court that he later visited the scene of the accident together with Sergeant 5962 Lawrence Kamara, the accused and the relatives of the two decease persons for the drawing of the accident plan. He said that before started sketching the road, the accused person explained to him as to how the accident occurred and later took the measurement and insert it into the plan. He further explained that he read the accident plan to the accused person, the relatives of the deceases and the police witness Lawrence Kamara and they signed it.

He produced and tendered the accident plan as Exhibit E. He also produced and tendered the voluntary and caution statement that the accused made and it was Exhibits F 1 & 2. “The accused person was charged on two counts of motor manslaughter,” he said.

The accused person was not represented and when he was asked if he has any question for the Police witness, he said no. The matter was adjourned to August 22.