NIC Launches 45th Anniversary

By Stephen V. Lansana

Choristers of the National Insurance Company Limited

The National Insurance Company (NIC) Limited has, on Friday December 9, 2016, held nine lessons and carol service, and also launched the its 45th anniversary celebrations at the Beccles Davies Memorial Hall, Cathedral House in Freetown.

NIC took the nine lessons from scriptural verses in the King James Version of the Bible which talk about the Jesus Christ with specific reference to his birth, as we are awaiting Christmas.

The Company also awarded two of its staff for their long service to the company. Charles Kallon has served the company for 20 years and Sulaiman E. Kenneh for 25 years.

In his address, Ronald Hingston, the Acting Managing Director of NIC, said the occasion is unique as this is the only time to see a corporate institution having a choir group.

“This is the only corporate body that has a functional choir that can handle any piece given to them,” he said. He said that majority of the singers are not choristers, but through motivation from one or two choristers among the group, they are able to produce melodious voices. He encouraged NIC staff to continue their hard work in ensuring fruitful results.

He said the objective of the carol service is to entertain its clients and to raise awareness on insurance, so that people will know the important of insurance.

“We have been taken premium from our customers throughout the year, so we think that we should give our customers something as a way of appreciation; that is why we decided to freely entertain them during this Christmas period. We also invited them to join us to celebrate our 45th anniversary,” he said.

He said they will continue with the awareness raising campaign throughout 2017, as they have launched 45th Anniversary. He explained that the activities for the 45th anniversary will take place across the country. He said that in January NIC will organize a symposium in which they will invite stakeholders within the insurance companies and policy makers in the country to talk on the impact of insurance on the economy.

He said that during February they are going to target the grassroots because they have realized that they did not know much about insurance. “Therefore we want to explain the insurance procedure to them,” he said. He added that they have invited 12 schools in western area to participate in a quiz competition in February. “The activities will cut across the country. But we are starting with the western area first,” he said.

In launching the 45th anniversary celebrations, Hon. Amadu Fofanah , who represented the Minister of Mines & Mineral Resources, said that NIC has contributed a lot to the economic development of the country, adding that the government relies on the expertise of NIC to boost the country’s economy.

“On behalf of the government, I want to thank NIC for this wonderful support for making our economy grow because our extractive industry is facing some challenges. We rely on the knowledge and expertise of NIC to raise more funds and be able to pay more taxes to the government,” he said.

Hon. Fofanah added that NIC has been providing support to its client by paying them their claims.

“People always say that insurance do not pay. But I am assuring you today that insurance can pay you provided you abide by the rules and regulations of the insurance companies. ”

He encouraged people to insure their houses, vehicles and so on, so that they will make claims.