Sierra Leone: SLPP Accuses APC

By Stephen V. Lansana

Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has on Tuesday March 14th, 2017 issued a statement accusing the ruling All People’s Congress of embarking on massive issue of fake birth certificates to under 18 persons.

“The party is reliably informed that the APC has embarked on massive issue of fake birth certificates to under 18 persons in their strongholds with a view to increasing voter registration in these areas. This practice is fraudulent and the SLPP has therefore instructed all its agents to vehemently resist the use of any fake birth certificates as evidence of proof of eligibility,” SLPP claimed in a statement on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Deputy Outreach and Publicity Secretary II of the APC party, Hon. Robin Faley said the accusation is untrue and has no substance. “Why should we stoop so low when we already have the majority of voters across the country on our side?” he asked.

Hon. Faley said that the party is engaged in voter education across the country. “SLPP is not a political party that should be treated seriously,” he said.

“The SLPP party is so divided that, they now know very clearly that they have already lost the forthcoming general election that is why they are playing the blame game,” Hon. Faley emphasized.

He said “ SLPP is a mere bunch of crying babies who have completely lost focus.”

SLPP said it is disturbed to learn that the Boundary Delimitation is yet to receive parliamentary approval. Usually, voter registration follows parliamentary enactment of Boundary Delimitation.

“This delay in enactment of the Boundary Delimitation has onerous implications for persons intending to contest in local council elections who are required by law to register in wards where they intend to contest. Also, the SLPP holds the view that this delay is caused by the APC Government wanting to factor in the outcome of the chiefdom de-amalgamation and creation of new districts in the Boundary Delimitation,” SLPP said in a statement.

SLPP has asked the government to focus on the election and postpones the implementation of chiefdom de-amalgamation and creation of new district until after next general election. “This is our position for the present purposes,” SLPP said.

SLPP added that any attempt to implement this policy now will have huge cost and time implications for the electoral timetable. The SLPP therefore calls on the Office of the Attorney General and the Legislature to immediately approve the Boundary Delimitation as presented by National Electoral Commission (NEC) to avoid further unwarranted delays.