UDM Faces Financial Constraint Ahead of Conference

By Stephen V. Lansana

The Acting National Leader and Chairman of United Democratic Movement (UDM) party said Monday that the Party is facing financial constraint ahead of the national delegate conference in December.

Mr. Mohamed Sowa said in an interview with Premier News that they needed over Le 180 million for the party’s national delegate conference which is to be held in Makeni City.

He said that if they are unable to raise over Le 180 million by November 30, he will confer with other executive members to decide on what to do next.

He also said that over Le 180 million which has been budgeted for the conference cover transportation, accommodation, feeding, and entertainment, among others.

“We have raised part of that money, and we are hoping that by November we will be able to raise the money needed for the conference,” Sowa said.

The acting national leader and chairman disclosed that some members of the party have stopped paying their monthly dues for a very long time, because they don`t believe that the party will excel in the forthcoming elections. He added that only few members are presently paying their dues.

He said they have over 400 delegates across the country that are expected to attend the conference. He called on every Sierra Leonean who may wish to contest for any position in the party to register with the party on or before November 30, 2016. “All those that obtain their membership cards on or before November 30 this year should apply for any position within the party,” he said. He asserted that all positions in the party will be opened for application on December 1, 2016.

Mr. Sowa said that when the new executive is elected, it will strengthen the subscription process. He also said before his appointment to the position of acting national leader and chairman, he had revitalized the party, adding that the district offices are actively working.