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The Audience Makes Football

To start this story out I’ like to say that there may be graphic scenes and links. The links open up in this same tab, so right click and open in new tab.

We all know who this is, or at least we should. This is Ray Rice. Regardless of football knowledge, people all across the country have seen Rice’s most infamous moment. The video that “started” the campaign against domestic violence in the NFL.

This movie called a lot of attention to the growing concussion problem in the NFL and professional sports in general. The movie let light upon a problem that the NFL continually tries to downplay, which is second-impact syndrome.

These two issues are just a couple of the issues that are enlightened in the article.

Some of the other issues involved are:

  • Homophobia
  • Owners that are indifferent on the Rules of the League

These problems are not new, but they all seem new because they have all been brought to the media in recent years.

Here Are 4 Ways The NFL Can Fix It’s Transparency Problems:

  1. They should stop caring about their image and be real with science. As in the movie Concussion.
    Not believing the science behind concussions, mental illness and addiction is like not believing in evolution.
  2. Help the NCAA implement safety precautions
    The NCAA is by far the worst organization in the fact of player safety. No other organization in the world exploits it’s “workers” more than the NCAA
  3. Finally, The NFL needs to step up in educating the players about all of the implications impacting these inherent problems.
  4. Make it known to the fans that it isn’t okay.

The fans are the only reason the NFL exists, and the only reason these problems exist. The problems that exist, exist solely because the fans let it happen.

This article needed to be more than just text and hyperlinks. It needed something with more “pizzazz”.

I’ll end with a quote from the article “The NFL calls itself a family. If that’s the case, it’s a family of fathers and sons but not wives and daughters. It’s a family that more closely resembles the mob than a family connected by blood or love… If it’s a family, then it’s a fucked-up family.”

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