WEDM p. 143

ESPN is a well known sports media and broadcasting company. Their website should be and could be an amazing extension of their tv and radio prowess. Their sportswriting is and always will be top notch. Their writers are eloquent and well spoken, even if I may disagree on some opinions. Their voice and tone of writing and commentating is superb and is always throughout any ESPN site. The writers know their audience and definitely cater correctly to them. The site itself is the problem. While yes, it is innovative and fancy. It may be too fancy.

Yes, the site does very well at linking to other parts of the site and using digital media such as tweets and videos to help improve the readers time on the site. They do have separate task bars for each topic and sport and essentially anything you’d want. They definitely encourage more clicking throughout the site. They have infographics backing up data. They include any essential information in the article in a well help-up digital media, such as a tweet, a video or a picture. They are some of the frontrunners for all of these categories. These graphic and flair themes are consistent and well received throughout the entire site. The site is consistently the same throughout in all aspects. This is a great thing except for one theme.

The balance of the sight is slightly off. Sometimes, not often, but just enough to notice it, the site has problems using each and every one of these flair aspects at one time. This must be a problem that smaller websites that don’t have the money-backing that Disney has right? Well, not all giant media sites are created equal and this one has a tiny problem. The problem is not big enough to demand a fix just yet or even stop reading. The other aspects of the site overrule this small issue. The site has great merit and will not let this problem ruin the company.

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