How not to get caught up in minutiae

Photo by Aaron Burden

With life there is traffic. In the mind, on the streets, to and from work.

Therefor it’s easy to forget about the wonders of the plain and simple everyday.

The dogma kicks in. We build a routine. And the list goes on.

Speaking of dogma, if you have a dog, you can consider their lives. All of the excitement they gain from seeing you when you walk through the door. They spend all day sleeping. When it comes to dining, they eat from the same bowl, the same food. Not a whole lot is new.

Happy with it, they don’t spend time complaining, concerning themselves with other’s adventures, making money, or what the line up is for Lollapalooza.

They don’t care, and do what they want.

If ever there is a time that you notice a sense of unhappiness through lose of control, it’s time to move on. Whether that be work, schedule, or body. Change will be your savior.

Another point you must recognize is that you do not know the future. You can plan accordingly, visualize, go to a physic. But you will never know the exact footsteps you will trace before you trace them. Once you accept this, you’ll figure the rest out.

The past is a reflection of the present, whereby you are not explaining lessons learned through the past. But a current state in which your memory provides you with a present-layered glimpse into how you felt at a previous moment.

Stay positive. You are beautiful.