A Farmer Speaks
Russ Roberts

Vegetarians cause more deaths than meat eaters, well here in Australia anyway. Our meat animals are pasture animals, the paddocks they live in are home to huge numbers of wildlife, birds, wombats, kangaroos, mice, snakes, lizards and many more, not to mention the millions of insects and frogs etc that also make their homes there. When you plant a crop the first thing to do is to poison all the plants and clear the land, after the crop is sown a determined effort must be made to eliminate anything that will eat or damage the crop. So fences, herbicides, pesticides and anything else that will let the crop monoculture thrive. If you do this in an ‘organic’ way a whole lot more land must be cleared as those crops aren’t as productive.

Who speaks for the killed, starved and dispossessed wildlife? From an average farm in our area, maybe 100 to 200 cattle may go to market each year, if the farms were turned to crops an astronomical number of creature deaths would occur and continue to occur indefinitely, are they of no consequence?

What happens to the current pastures that are not suitable for crops? The farmer would have no incentive to care for the land, soon it would run to scrub and not many varieties of animals live in scrub.

The point is that whatever or however you choose to eat, something dies, in the case of crops it’s millions of insects, amphibians and scores of animals and birds.

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