I get the dislike that others may have for Presidential Trump as he is very unpolished and seen as…
Mara Segal

Your oft repeated claims of President Obama’s incompetence by Republicans are ludicrous. The Republican claim that the country needed change was simply without any logical explanation behind it. President Obama successfully brought the United States out of an economic recession worse than anything since the great depression and the country was moving forward. President Obama, for starters, brought an air of honesty and decency to the White House that was rare and is now non existent. Leaving Donald Trump’s pathetic treatment of women and others aside, his ridiculous policy ideas are simply out of touch with reality. America was great because America was good. Since the inauguration in January, Trump has done nothing but destroy the view of America around the world. His personal style is just obnoxious but his policies on almost everything make one wonder if we have gone through the looking glass, where nothing is as it’s claimed. His total contempt for the people who voted for him is apparent in almost every cabinet post he’s filled. A Secretary of Education who has an agenda against public education and wants to deny relief to students who were given loans for dishonest for-profit schools is abhorrent. She has more money than she needs and knows little about the job she should be doing and no empathy for students scammed like this.

The head of the EPA, a most important task in the fragile world we live in, is attempting to destroy the very EPA he has sworn to run according to law. Like other Trump appointees, he takes his orders from the industries he is charged with protecting us from, along with large sums of money from these same industries for years. His Attorney General is a liar and a racist and cannot even weigh in on the Trump Russia scandal because he also lied at his confirmation hearing. Trump himself is a denier of science about global warming. That’s insane and everyone but Trump seems to know it. Trump made his claim to political fame by calling President Obama a liar about being born in the United States. Trump carried on for years about this and when he was ultimately proven wrong, there was not even the slightest bit of apology from Trump the number one birther in the country.

The worst intent full of hypocrisy has been the chant that Obama Care needed to be repealed. No Republican nor Trump can say anything honestly wrong that they want to fix. The healthcare repeal is simply an attempt to cut one of the most important government initiatives and grant huge tax cuts to the ultra wealthy once again.

It turns out President Obama was honest in more ways than we know. Now it’s Donald J. Tump and family who really are dishonest liars. The New York Times has published a full list of the many daily lies from.Trump and company.

The comment criticized Obama for racially dividing the country. Nothing could be further from the truth. President Obama continued on day after day in the face of the most blatant and outrageous racist attacks from the United States Congress, a level I’ve never seen before of such disrespect of any President in my lifetime. In the face of Republican inspired racism and violence, Mr Obama kept his dignity and in doing so preserved the dignity of us all. Progress in legislation ground to a halt due to Republican hatred for the country’s first Black president. The surge in hate crimes and vience in this country has grown as Trump prolonged his attacks on anyone he didn’t like. These are facts that all the denials in the world will not change. America was great because America was good. The world had a far better perception of the U.S. due to President Obama and has far worse feelings about the country since Trump has started tweeting lies and attacks on women and the press and anyone he feels slighted him on a daily basis. America will remain great because of the character and strength of it’s people. In spite of any of the offenses of this President every day.

Much of this is rapidly becoming immaterial as the President, his family and his advisors are found to have broken more laws on a daily basis. There will be many more details discovered in the course of the investigations. The question to be concerned about now is how much did Vice President Pence stay out of the criminal behavior and what’s next for America if Pence soon becomes President?