MSM Uses Russiagate To Punch Left
Caitlin Johnstone

Having been cited in this latest piece of Ms. Johnstone’s, I must reply. As so often, she deploys a clever sleight of hand, in this case to portray herself as a journalist victim of the “MacCarthyism” of “establishment sycophants”. This when the verging-on-fascist establishment she is working to justify is bent on invalidating fact-checked media, and promoting the altered reality of “Fox and Friends” as truth. The mind reels at this quality of spin.

Clearly, Ms. Johnstone didn’t take well to my questioning her motives. To further clarify, I really don’t care about her origins, whether they be those of a Russian ubertroll, a Koch Brothers or Murdoch pet project, a Breitbart job applicant, or simply an amateur opportunist looking to exploit the understandable thirst of sane conservatives for logic in the egomaniacal dystopia of Trump’s Washington. That’s not the point.

I’m a centrist, and believe that power of all stripes should be held accountable. As I mentioned to one of Ms. Johnstone’s readers previously, my reaction is the same when a journalist from EITHER side of America’s dysfunction takes the easy route by evoking reptilian reactions in a polarized echo chamber rather than rising above the fray in search of universal, unifying truth. It may be too late for that, and America’s descent may well end in messy anarchy, but I hold out hope that the nation can renew itself to genuine greatness. The world could certainly use the example about now.

What can I say, I struggle to remain an optimist. Here’s to a more peaceful, healthy, prosperous and yes… bipartisan 2018.

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