Do You Love Yourself? “No”

Do you love yourself?
Because i’m too fat. Because i’m too short. Because I’m not smart. Because I have this weird birthmark. Because I just can’t do anything right
Who in your life told you these things?
My dad. My sister. That one girl in fourth grade. That cashier at the supermarket.
And you believed them?
I guess I did
Did you know there was a time in your life when you didn’t believe these negative things about yourself? You weren’t born thinking you were too fat, or too short, or not smart. Someone told you these things, and you made a decision to believe what that person told you.
Chances are the person who criticized you had something going on in THEIR life, so they felt the need to alter YOU to make THEMSELVES feel better. 
When someone criticizes you, it is just a thought. A thought is just words that are strung together. It’s when we choose to put meaning to this thought, that the thought becomes a belief.
That girl in fourth grade may have called you dumb, but how old are you now? Are you still letting this negative comment control your life? 
Remember, she was trying to alter YOU to make HERSELF feel better. 
Before this first occurrence of criticism, you probably never even considered yourself as dumb. Depending on your age, you may not have even known what dumb meant.

When we’re young, we often believe anything that people will tell us, especially if whatever is being said makes us feel like an outsider. 
But how long are we going to hold onto these negative views about ourselves? They are only weighing you down and locking in your true potential!

It is time to stop giving those negative comments the power in your life. 
Do you think you will ever have a chance of seeing yourself as smart if you just walk around thinking of yourself as dumb?

I have an activity for you:
Write down all the reasons why you may not love yourself. Where did these beliefs come from? 
Chances are they are from many years ago, and it is time to let them go! A belief is only a thought, and a thought can be changed. You are the only one who chooses how you are going to feel — and there is no blame in that, there is POWER! 
Change your negative statements into positives. 
e.g) I am dumb = I AM SMART!
I am too short = I AM THE PERFECT HEIGHT!
It’s time to change the negative patterns that no longer serve you anymore. It’s time to LOVE YOURSELF! If not now, then when!?
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