3 keys for unlocking strategic advantage by adopting design tools

The Approach

  • Marie Kondo-style: get every kids book in the house in one room so I can see it all together
  • Divide the books into 5 categories: only non-human characters, centers BIPOC characters, centers characters of many races or cultures, centers white characters, books I just don’t like reading

Audit Results

We have 117 books with only non-human characters. Mostly animals and tractors. I removed just a few, only for the cause of dreading reading them aloud.

The antidote to pandemic planning struggles

Hiring an in-home nanny is like setting up a new business.

  • You become a household employer, obtain a payroll account, file payroll, issue a W2, etc.
  • As the employer for the nanny, there are costs to you. Federal Social security & Medicare, along with Oregon payroll taxes. This typically adds about 8–9% to the cost.
  • When…

the story of a 24-hr d.school design sprint

For gut checking how you’re showing up as a leader

Does this look familiar?

Stephanie Gioia

working at the intersection of organizational challenges and design thinking | www.futurework.design

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