The Thread

You don’t need to know where you’re headed. Just follow the thread.

One day you found a piece of thread
And followed it and walked ahead
Without a thought, you somehow knew
That it would lead you someplace new

“I wonder where this leads…” you said.
“Just follow me!” exclaimed the thread.
The thread then led you to and fro
It wove you ‘round and high and low

And though you knew not where it led,
You still kept following the thread

And then the thread? It led you here…
A place that seems a bit unclear
You stand thread in hand, not knowing
Whether to stop or keep on going

You look around and scratch your head
And ask: “Where am I going, thread?”
“I can’t tell if this is the way
Or if you’re leading me astray.”

“You’ve followed me until this spot,”
The thread replied. “I ask, why not?”
“Just look how far you’ve come with me!
Retrace your steps. And then you’ll see.”

Not knowing ‘bout the path ahead,
You turn around and, with the thread,
Retrace your steps to see what brought
The thread that led you to this spot

As you look back, it all seems clear
And patterns now start to appear
’Cause now you see in this rearview,
This thread had weaved a life for you

It wove together where you’d been,
With every loss and every win
And every time you fought or quit,
You see it now, how it all fits

That crazy path was really not
As random as you first had thought
You hadn’t known where it all led
But still you’d followed that one thread

So now you take the thread hand
And continue on, without a plan,
Not knowing where it goes from here
But someday it’ll all seem clear

You’ll look back on this path you’ve chosen
And stand in awe at what you’ve woven.
For now, your job is to be led
And keep on following the thread.

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Originally published at on February 27, 2017.

Motivational cartoonist and author, doodling about life lessons and the voices in my head at

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