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We The Dots: A cartoon tale of politics and togetherness

Here’s a tale about the dots who all fought for a spot on top, and how they found a point of view that helped unite both red and blue.

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There was a nation full of dots
With different colors, different spots
Some dots were red and some were blue
Some had a swirly purple hue.

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Some dots had stripes and some had spots
Some had a little, some had a lot
Some dots were bold and some were plain
Some dots were different, some the same.

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But the biggest difference of the dots?
That some felt fine and some did not.

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Some dots were sad about their lot
And felt like they had been forgot
While other dots were getting more
One group of dots had felt ignored.

What about us?” the dots objected.
“We’re feeling hurt and so neglected.”
“We need some help,” the red dots pled.
“It’s not your turn,” the others said.

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“There’s lots of dots who feel forgot.
Right now we’re helping different lots.”
“We’re fixing things,” the others said,
But not things that seemed to help the red.

And so the reds still felt ignored
While wanting help and wanting more
And wanting things that all dots sought
Like not to feel they’d been forgot.

Then one day came an orange dot…

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So loud and brash with thoughts on thoughts
The orange seemed unlike the red
But red took note of what he said.

He said he knew they’d been forgot
And he could fix their current plot.
The orange said he’d make sure red
Would get on top and get ahead.

He pointed to the other dots,
“Now THIS is why you’re in this lot!
Those dots have taken up your spots!
And left you here to sit and rot.”

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Then orange said, “It’s you or them.”
“We’re going to make you great again.”
“We’ll stop the other dots,” he said.
“We’ll push them down to get ahead.”

“I’ll make you dots the best there are
Tremendous, great, above the bar.
But now that means we have to fight
To make things great, to set things right.”

And so the dots who felt forgot
Lined up behind the orange dot
And angry and upset, they fought
To be the dots that felt on top.

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The orange dot would yell and shout
“The other dots, they must get out!”
The only way to fix your lot
Is pushing out the other dots!”

And as the angry dots all fought
The other dots looked on in shock
Then they began to fight back too
A fight of swirling red and blue.

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Each one yelling, each one blaming,
Each one fighting, each one claiming
That their dot was right and true,
That red was best or best was blue.

So all the dots now fought and fought
Each fighting for a spot on top…

Until one day, a red and blue,
Each paused mid-fight, each tired too,
Both looked up at the other dot
And said: “This fighting has to stop.”

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“This isn’t right,” the red dot said.
“The fighting just to get ahead.”
“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be:
Us versus them, you versus me.”

“I know you feel forgot,” said blue.
“Sometimes I feel forgotten too.”
Red said, “I know you’re not to blame.
’Cause what we want is all the same…”

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“Where dots of red and dots of blue
Feel safe and loved and cared for, too.
That we’re all heard and not forgot
No matter what our shade of dot.”

Then all at once, those little dots,
Each had the same amazing thought:
“Instead of fighting for the top,
What if we fought for equal dots?”

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And in that moment, both dots knew
That dots of every kind of hue
Both wanted change and wanted more
But didn’t have to go to war.

Then both dots turned to look at orange…

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And both agreed: “Let’s just ignore him.”
“He’s saying things that make us fight
Like which dot’s wrong and which dot’s right.”

“No matter what he tries to say,
We’ll make things great — the friendly way.”

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Then both dots said, “We’ll work instead
To make sure all dots get ahead
And each dot feels important, too
No matter if they’re red or blue.”

And so the dots all stopped the fight
They tried to work to make things right
And worked to make sure every dot
Felt loved and safe and not forgot.

And as those things began to mend,
The nation was made great again.

A nation that felt proud and strong
’Cause each dot fought to get along
And see the other point of view,
No matter whether red or blue.

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Remember this if it’s forgot
That in the end
We are all dots.

Steph Halligan is the motivational cartoonist and author behind Art To Self, where she doodles about life lessons and the human experience. For more inspirational cartoons, visit and sign up to get notified about the Kindle and print versions of We The Dots.

Originally published at on January 16, 2017.

Written by

Motivational cartoonist and author, doodling about life lessons and the voices in my head at

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