100 Distractions that kept me from writing this weekend:

  1. Guilt that I should be at the gym
  2. All the emails
  3. Being tempted to watch all The X-Files before they go away
  4. Googling The X-files trivia
  5. Reading Steal Like an Artist
  6. The freakish 60 degree February day and wanting to be outside
  7. The laundry I have to do
  8. Grocery shopping
  9. Meal prep for the week
  10. My dad wanting to Facetime
  11. My mom wanting to Facetime
  12. A nap
  13. My messy living room
  14. The headlines about Kanye West’s Twitter rampage
  15. Then: Kanye West’s Twitter rampage
  16. The Warrior’s game (Go Dubs!)
  17. My loud upstairs neighbors who have apparently taken up bowling
  18. Knowing that Easter candy arrived at Duane Reade this week
  19. Organizing my taxes
  20. Late night Postmates delivery of Taco Bell
  21. Researching community forum software
  22. My junk drawer
  23. Entering the Hamilton digital lottery
  24. Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack when I didn’t win the digital lottery
  25. Some annoying and confusing mail from American Express
  26. Being on the phone for an hour with American Express
  27. Flights I need to book
  28. Books I need to return to the library
  29. Shopping for a bridesmaid dress
  30. The overwhelming need to make Rice Crispy Treats
  31. Reading The Lean Startup
  32. Articles that show you how to get more/bigger/better
  33. My boyfriend texting me “Do you like James Franco?”
  34. My boyfriend texting me “Richard from Lost was on my plane last night”
  35. The new app Anchor
  36. The new app for Quartz
  37. Everything in the App Store
  38. Planning my vacation to Bali
  39. My health insurance company fucking up a reimbursement
  40. Browsing dogs who need homes at a NYC shelter
  41. Playing phone tag with my friend Erin
  42. The decision to start spring cleaning early and eliminate 20% of my closet contents
  43. Boxing highlights on YouTube
  44. The smell of the pizza place downstairs
  45. Hanging out with the guy who works at the pizza place downstairs
  46. The extra free slice the guy who works at the pizza place downstairs gave me
  47. Trying to adjust the settings on my Apple Watch
  48. Sending my heartbeat to my boyfriend from my Apple Watch
  49. Remembering how awesome the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is and rewatching it
  50. Watching the TED livestream and wishing I was Shonda Rhimes
  51. Watching the Formation music video and wishing I was Beyonce
  52. Researching writing retreats
  53. Researching writing tips
  54. Researching books about writing
  55. Reading an old list of ideas I have that I want to write about
  56. Scoping out the new people who followed me on Twitter
  57. Following them back on Twitter
  58. Strand Bookstore
  59. The Rare Books Room of the Strand Bookstore
  60. The couple fighting in the Rare Books Room of the Strand Bookstore
  61. The Moleskine store around the corner from the Strand Bookstore
  62. The hunt for a yoga studio in my neighborhood
  63. The hunt for a non-bougie yoga studio in my neighborhood
  64. Brunch
  65. Mimosas following brunch
  66. A bottle of wine with a friend Sunday night
  67. The boxing handwraps I needed to untangle and roll
  68. The boxing gloves I needed to clean
  69. The urge to get a manicure
  70. The rabbit hole of #fitspo on Instagram
  71. Shopping for swimsuits online
  72. Planning my calendar for the week ahead
  73. Making my bed (which I only do when I’m trying not to do something else)
  74. The software update notifications on my computer
  75. Some old LinkedIn messages I never answered
  76. A YouTube video of Neverending Story my sister sent me (#throwback)
  77. The Zoolander sequel
  78. Every conversation around me at the Starbucks on the corner of my street
  79. Wondering about Donald Trump
  80. Forgetting exactly what Super Tuesday was and reading up on it
  81. Discovering an old journal and reading my 16-year-old thoughts and fears
  82. Catching up on the last season of Downton Abbey
  83. Feeling bad for Barrow on Downton Abbey and wondering about human nature
  84. Having a brainstorm on what to write about
  85. Being unable to decide what to write about
  86. Deciding I need new pens
  87. The endless black hole that is Staples pen aisle
  88. Designing social media graphics for the week
  89. Working on an infographic
  90. Reorganizing my bookshelf
  91. My adult coloring book (Harry Potter edition)
  92. A quick trip to Brooklyn turned out not-so-quick
  93. Watching this short film
  94. The endless Skype notifications that occur every time I log in
  95. The Keynote deck that still needs some formatting work
  96. Setting up a new account on Mailchimp
  97. Reading all the email newsletters I didn’t get to this week
  98. Reading all the magazines I didn’t get to this month
  99. Using WebMD to self-diagnose myself with tennis elbow (or elbow cancer)
  100. A sale at Target.

In the end? I shut my laptop, turned off my phone, and got twenty minutes of pure, focused writing done. I blocked out all the noise and things I should be doing or could be doing or would rather be doing and just wrote. It felt magical and I was In The Zone, and I was clear-headed and alive and when I try again tomorrow, maybe I’ll block out all the distractions for just three more minutes, and that will be enough.

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