Shareblue Is Now Saying That ‘Bernie Bros’ Were Actually Russian Bots. Hold Me Back.
Caitlin Johnstone

Excellent article. The “Bernie Bro” tag was thrown at me during the primaries. Now that we are past it and the DNC still refuses admit they threw the primaries to Clinton and come clean, I feel the DNC is destined to splinter. They need to just admit to it so we can move on. However there are still too many blue-dog types controlling the party machinery. The party needs to embrace it’s progressive roots, the roots that brought this country — Social Security, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Medicare, and countless other societal benefits.

My new rules for ANY candidate:

  1. Do you support single-payer?
  2. Do you support $15 minimum wage?
  3. Do you support expanding Social Security?
  4. Do you support clean energy?
  5. Will you protect the rights of ALL people?
  6. Will you eliminate “for-profit” prisons?

I wish you had a presence on Google Plus, you would be received warmly here.

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