Night Swimming

i trust gazing back with my life — like it was a stepping stone

a diving board, a point at which I connect to you, my favorite necklace

tonight i wear you like this / tonight i show you off

tonight i teach myself to go backwards —

here’s to the parts full of skin grafting, posture, the pixelated south

the difference between yes and yes for now

here’s to hysteria, dark circles, buds

women harvesting olives in greece

my thrifty genetics

lunar constriction

twins with little burns

here’s to hell on the 5th floor of giesel

the whole universe pissing itself

my meredith, in back rooms

being 21 part-time

and the palms, wanting a re-do, whispering

maybe we’ll be friends

waiting for history or bright lights

could you teach me childhood again?

here’s to diet soda, my korea,

and the whole animal kingdom

night swimming