so, you’re having the worst year of your life

if i could see all my friends tonight, i’d arrest them to my table

we’d try to build something we can break ourselves

when i told you i loved you it sounded like this:

i would rather be wrong

than reconstruct all the ways we are godless

making shadows doesn’t mean a thing

i’ll inhabit yours

i’ll weave a thicker skin for you

we’ll grow our hair long

and hope the guy who got your promotion

serves jury duty for the next 10 years


we’ll practice balancing

it just takes time/ it just takes a little too much

i don’t really want to know what’s good and

i won’t tell you it happens all the time

abort your sunk in chest and we’ll talk some more

about television (there’s never been another day like this

i can’t say there has/ it’s gross)


i’d never tell you what you want to hear

or talk about your childhood bedroom

or what happened to our parents

and we’d change our names in order

to forget what the day is and where we came from

pure as fire /pure as color /sure as I’m your person

sure as I know

the yellow in your eyes (sure as i can hear you humming

on the plane) sure as i am constructing a tight rope

above it all on which we can climb

i will inch toward you/ i’ll outlaw state lines