Qwilr + Unsplash

Make your proposals or presentations a no brainer with Qwilr and Unsplash

Having started Unsplash and Crew almost 5 years ago, I’ve seen my share of sales documents and proposals. They come in different shapes and sizes, but typically have one thing in common: they are boring. Long, dry and full of copy. A recipe for skimming through with no engagement.

So when the team at Qwilr reached out and wanted to partner with Unsplash’s API, we were happy to help support their mission of helping creators win more work by turning proposals and presentations into interactive, mobile-friendly, and beautiful experiences.

Here’s a video created by the Qwilr team that shares how you can use Unsplash photos in your proposals and presentations:

Here are two examples of how Qwilr uses Unsplash photos to make proposals look visually appealing and help increase sales conversions. Built into Qwilr directly, you can select photos from a simple carousel that allows you to browse and select from a full Unsplash library, or a subset of curated collections.

Selecting Christopher Gower’s Unsplash photo within the Qwilr app
Selecting Priscilla Du Preez’s Unsplash photo within the Qwilr app

Qwilr is a necessary, simple visual tool. And now with Unsplash photos, you can make your proposals even more beautiful.

We want to make Unsplash a part of the visual vocabulary for your work and life. Whether it’s photos for your website or your proposals, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

So go make something awesome. And hopefully, we can play a small part in making your proposals look almost as good as the work you plan on doing in them.

— Steph and the Unsplash squad

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