Music to Listen to While You’re Writing

If I could, I would have two things on rotation, playing in my ears at all times: Howard Stern during my coffee and morning commute and indie rock while I run or write.
For some writers, background noise can be a major distraction that could cause their creativity to halt in its tracks. For me, the sounds of a jackhammer tearing up the sidewalk outside my house are no more distracting than the hum of a guitar in my ears. If I am in the zone, no outside sound will take me away from what I am focused on completing.

But, some songs get me more enthusiastic to sit down and write than others. The same goes for the songs that get me excited to hit the pavement. For example, no matter how many years pass by or how old I get, Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir will always make me want to put on my Nike’s and run for miles.

A designer friend of mine feels that she is most productive when movies that she has seen dozens of times is playing in the background; she doesn’t have to see the moving pictures on the screen, just the familiar voices and conversations are comforting enough as a backdrop.

As I type this article, I am sitting in the ion interactive kitchen with my headphones off and the sound of music pumping from the speakers. The music is not specific to one genre, in fact, it’s all over the place. One minute you can be bouncing to The Pixies and the next, it’s a Taylor Swift song that the 20 something ladies of our office are excited to hear. I for one, get excited when Bjork comes on, it takes me right back to high school.

In the early years of online content sharing, when Livejournal was the leading blog platform, there was an option to share what you were listening to at that moment. I almost always picked whatever song I thought was obscure at the moment, not necessarily what was playing.

I am far less insecure these days and am no longer trying to get attention based on my music interests. I recently created a playlist on Spotify that includes every song that works in the background and keeps me focused and energized while I write these posts out.